Stray Dog Capital is a mission-driven Venture Capital firm that drives alternatives to the use of animals in the supply chain through investments, expertise and support

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We've had the privilege of investing or partnering with some really great companies, including:

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Eat Your Coffee

Eat Your Coffee

Eat Your Coffee is pioneering a new category in caffeinated natural foods. The company’s first product line, Eat Your Coffee Bar, is an energy bar caffeinated with a full cup of real coffee (no synthetic caffeine) and packed with whole food ingredients to nourish and energize.
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Meta Burger

Meta Burger is a plant-based, fast-casual restaurant located in Denver, Colorado and specializing in innovative burgers, hot dogs and desserts. Meta Burger is a brand new concept that plans alter the public’s perception of vegan restaurants and use that momentum to expand quickly.
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Sirabella’s produces an authentic gourmet New York style cheesecake that is both vegan and dairy-free. It tastes like the real thing. The texture is rich and creamy. It’s combined with their signature golden brown graham cracker bottom.
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Nutriati is a food technology company focused on the research, development and commercialization of innovative plant-based food ingredients making them ideal for numerous applications, including gluten free baked goods, pasta, and protein bars and beverages.
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VitroLabs Inc

VitroLabs Inc is a startup working on the cutting edge of 3D tissue engineering. For further information please email us on
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Ocean Hugger Foods

Ocean Hugger Foods, Inc.’s (OHF) create delicious, plant-based alternatives to popular seafoods that delight even the most discerning of palates. OHF introduced its first line - Ahimi(TM) - in October, 2016 to a terrific consumer response.
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Because Animals

Because Animals makes nutritious dog and cat food that's free of animal meat and byproduct. The company's goal is to disrupt the pet food industry and lead the way toward a healthier, more sustainable and cruelty-free future!
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Good Seed Burger

Good Seed makes chef driven plant-based foods utilizing high quality sustainable plant proteins. Our mission is to provide easy access to clean and nutrient dense plant-based foods for everyone.
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Fig Food Company

Based in New York City and Greenville, SC, Fig Food Company, LLC manufactures soups, beans and vegetables from the finest organic, North American ingredients available.  All Fig Food is 100% plant-based and is certified organic and kosher. 
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Emulate’s ‘Organs-on-Chips’ technology recreates true-to-life, living human biology– with greater precision and control than existing cell-culture or animal-based testing.
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Nutpods is now the highest reviewed dairy-free creamer on and was recently named one of the innovative beverages of 2016 by the Specialty Food Association.
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Companion Protect

Companion Protect provides a simple, affordable, and comprehensive pet protection solution for pet owners who have chosen to adopt from their local animal shelter.
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Beyond Meat Logo

Beyond Meat

The Future of Protein™, Beyond Meat makes delicious, 100% plant protein-based alternatives to your favorite chicken and beef dishes.
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Many of the foods we eat and products we use rely on gelatin. Geltor makes real gelatin, without the animal.
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Stray Dog Capital - Kite Hill

Kite Hill

Kite Hill provides delicious alternative dairy products made with the simplest ingredients using traditional methods.
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Stray Dog Capital - Lighter


Nutritionally-crafted meal plans and all the groceries to fit, delivered right to your door.
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Memphis Meats

Memphis Meats is combining decades of experience in both the culinary and scientific fields to farm real meat cells—without the animals.
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Stray Dog Capital - Miyokos Kitchen

Miyokos Kitchen

Makers of artisanal, vegan cultured nut cheeses.
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Stray Dog Capital - Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot

The Purple Carrot makes it possible for people to simply and conveniently create delicious, plant-based meals at home.
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Stray Dog Capital - Rawxies


Not quite a cookie, not quite a bar, Rawxies makes delicious, low calorie, lightly-sweetened treats for healthy snacking on-the-go.
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Stray Dog Capital - Sunfed Meats

Sunfed Meats

Sunfed meats are made from plant protein. They taste, feel and cook like meat but are healthier, both for you and the planet.